How do I join?

We are able to take students from anywhere in the UK or the EU as well as UK passport holders from elsewhere in the world. Admission will depend on whether we have room in the year group that is being applied for and our judgement as to whether the student will be able to succeed with us, both as a boarder and as a student. We will not normally take students for less than a year. Every year group has five places set aside for Boarders, except for the Sixth Form, which is less restricted.

Application Process:

Complete the Boarding Application Form, along with the Sixth Form Application Form (if necessary), and return them by email to The form is available for download on this page.

For further information, fee enquiries or to make an appointment for a visit and to look around the school and Boarding houses, please contact the Head of Boarding, Liz Saunders

01363 775 264 or email

QE Boarding Application