Student Dining

We have a restaurant on both campuses serving a broad range of freshly prepared food at breakfast, break and lunchtimes. On Western Road we also have two additional outlets to ensure that we can serve students swiftly at peak times.

We work hard to ensure the meals are healthy, nutritious and well balanced. We only use quality ingredients, fresh and locally sourced where possible. Sample menus are available on this page.

We use Cashless Catering to make it easier for you to pay for school meals and to avoid the need for students to bring cash into school. Every student has a Pick and Pay card which can be charged up on-line using ParentPay. The card can be used for paying for food and for purchasing goods from the School libraries.

You may be eligible for free school meals if your income is below a certain level. If so, we would encourage you to apply, as not only will your child receive a free lunch, but it means the school also receives additional funding to support your child's education. The payment card system means that no one will know your child gets free school meals. The form is available on this page.

QE Free School Meals Form
World Kitchen Sample Menu: January 2018